Saturday, 14 May 2011

hanging decoration..

i dont know what to type on..
just view this pic..
drop ur comment..
just love to make it some more..

lollipop with cover..

ni tempahan plg baru..
lollypop with cover..
tnx to my sis's miss sara n kema for those cute quilling..
tnx gak pd Alia's C&C Yummy sbb siapkn coklat sgt cepat..

this order was specially design for the lil one birthday..
with special wrappers..

for those who are interested to make order
plz make it a week earlier before the event date..

thnaks ^^)

out from the sea..fresh..=)

ni design frame dari kulit sipot
yg sgt cumil..
design bru kot..
sbb lom pernah lg wat mcm nih..

cumil kn...=p

Monday, 9 May 2011

mini diary SPRING collection..

few more QUILLING design..
this are limited edition foldover  mini diaries..
lovely quilling on top of both with..
nice wording beside..

tnx to my cweet sis..
for the nice touch of quilling..

im loving it..huhuaaa~

quilling bookmark design..

this are my new bookmark design..
i love the shape..
n the sweet quilling on top of each..
tnx to miss atiqah..
that drop her donation into quilling for the charity..
just hope everyone gonna love this.

ready to be sell..
wrapped under 
"it's all about craft tags"

cute HANDmade keychains..

just love to post in few more new craft..
last month i was thrill bout BUTTON..
n now its all about QUILLING..
tnx to my BFF cik noratiqah..
for the great blogger links..
n my beloved CASABONDA..
enjoy the view..

steel coin boxes 

knitted twin flower

button petals

i love to snap few more..
but it was more then enough for now..
if u keep dreaming bout this thing..
plz drop me some words for more detail..

Friday, 6 May 2011

lil knitted beg's..

this is our new craft..
made by my beloved mom..
for the charity sales..

cute right?? huhuhu~
all this were limited edition under 
"it's all about craft tag"
those who interested were please to drop
me text here..
thanks n enjoy the blog..=)